Anssems trailers with ladder rack

For safe transportation

More binding options
Fully hot-dip galvanised steel
More safety
ASX plateauwagen met voorrekAnssems bakwagen tandemas geremdAnssems KSX kipper voorrek vlakzeilAnssems kipper KLT tandemas met voorrekASX plateauwagen met voorrekAnssems BSX bakwagen tandemAnssems GT-R enkelas ongeremd

An Anssems trailer with a ladder rack can offer more

These original Anssems ladder racks are of high quality and fully galvanised. A PLT or KLT ladder rack has 2 crossbars at a height of 75 cm. The ASX, KSX, PSX, ladder racks have 3 crossbars at a height of 80 cm. The BSX and GT-R are standard equipped with a fixe ladder rack. The Medax ladder racks at a height of 80 cm are also suitable for the MSX and MXS-Basic multipurpose trailers.

Anssems ladder rack advantages

  • More load protection at during braking.
  • A high load can be placed and secured against the ladder rack.
  • More possibilities for securing with straps.
  • Long materials (such as wood or pipes) can be placed on the ladder rack.
  • Spare wheel can be mounted on the ladder rack.
  • Original Anssems product from own factory.

Buying an Anssems ladder rack

An original Anssems ladder rack is easy to mount and all the materials needed for mounting are included in the set. An Anssems dealer can assist you with the purchase and installation.

Anssems brochures

Anssems brochures also show an overview of all features, specifications and accessories. Here you see read which ladder rack is available. Receive your free brochures.