Anssems will help you finding your transport solution. This selector presents a visual insight into the different models of the Anssems and Hulco brands. All trailers are sorted by weight class.

This is how you find your preferred trailer type:

  • Looking for open box trailers? Check the blue lines.
  • Looking for trailers for enclosed cargo transport? Check the yellow lines.
  • Looking for low loader trailers (wheels besides the cargo hold)? View the red icons.
  • Looking for a flatbed trailer with a maximum loading floor? (wheels under the loading surface)? View the green icons.
  • Each model shows the number of axes available and applications.
  • View all trailers here

Free Anssems brochures

Anssems Aanhangwagens has a suitable solution for every type of transport. The Anssems brochures presents an overview of all features, specifications and accessories of every trailer type. Select your free copy.