GT-R Low loader trailers

Trailer for volume transport

9 models
Standard fixed railing and ladder rack
Maintenance friendly
Anssems GT-R enkelas ongeremdAnssems GT-R tandem bakwagen ongeremdAnssems GT-R enkelas ongeremd met vlakzeilAnssems GT-R enkelasAnssems GT-R enkelas

Strong construction

The GT-R long drawbar tubes is galvanized, very stable and easy to maintain and equipped with Premium quality axles.

Anssems GT chassis
Anssems Bindrail met nethaken

Unique tie rail

The integrated tie rail is located on the inside and outside of the aluminium side panels. You can place the net hooks in any given position.


The Anssems GT-R single axle is equipped with plastic mudguards. The tandem axle has steel mudguards.

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Anssems GT-R achterklep

Back side board

The GT-R aluminium back side board open 180 ° and rotate below the loading floor.

Brake system

The GT-R is equipped with a-premium quality brake system over 750 kilograms.

Anssems GT-R oplooprem

Free GT-R brochure

The Anssems GT-O / GT-R brochure provides a complete overview of all GT-O and GT-R models, features, accessories and technical specifications. Receive a free copy.

Thought-out trailers

The light and strong Anssems GT-R is a cleverly designed low loader trailer. The continuous drawbar tubes with the innovative aluminium superstructure make the GT-R an extremely stable and maintenance-friendly trailer. All GT open box trailer models are equipped with a fixed ladder rack and railing and a strong jockey wheel. The axles, lighting, coupling and brake system are of premium quality. The GT-R single axle and tandem axle can be widely used.

9 different GT-R models

The smallest Anssems GT-R has a loading floor length of 151 cm. In the GT-R series this length increases to 251 cm. You can choose from 9 different models. In the weight class 750 up to 1200 kg, the Anssems GT-R trailer is equipped with a braking system. Are you looking for a large trailer that requires little maintenance? The Anssems GT-R low loader trailer is a perfect choice. Get your free GT-R brochure copy.

GT-R - 1 or 2 axles

Do you want to purchase a single axle trailer or a tandem axle low loader trailer at an attractive price? The GT-R serie will offer a quality trailer with high performance. The GT-R models with a single axle up to 1200 kg are available up to a floor length of 251 cm. There is also a Anssems GT-R tandem edition with a floor length of 251 cm. Ask your local Anssems dealer for the attractive GT-R prices.