KLT Backwards tipping trailers

Budget-friendly tippers

Hightly versatile
Low unladen weight
Manually operated
Anssems KLT kipperAnssems KLT kipperAnssems KLT 1as met opzetborden en vlakzeilAnssems KLT kipper tandemAnssems kippers KLT met voorrek

KLT drawbar

The galvanized drawbar profiles extend to the rear of the trailer and support the strong KLT loading platform.

Anssems KLT dissel
Anssems KLT kiep systeem

Tipping system

The KLT is equipped with a hydraulic tipping system that can be operated manually from the drawbar.

Tie rail

The sides are equipped with an Anssems tie rail into which adjustable net hooks can be attached at any position. Useful for your loading net to secure the load.

Anssems Bindrail met nethaken
Anssems bindhaken

Fixed tie hooks

8 tie hooks are placed on the inside of the loading platform to secure a large load.

Side boards

The KLT sides (left, right and rear) are easy to open and close, making the floor surface easy to reach.

Anssems KLT borden

Free KLT brochure

The Anssems KLT brochure provides a complete overview of all KLT models, features, accessories and technical specifications. Receive a free copy.

Durable and low weight

The manufacturing of steel construction parts of the Anssems KLT tipper is done with the utmost precision, using laser cutters and welding robots. The strong waterproof plywood loading floor with anti-slip profile is supported by steel profiles. Thanks to the unique KLT design, maximum load capacity remains. The Anssems KLT tipper is available as single axle or tandem.

Agile and comfortable

The Anssems KLT tipper is made for the transportation of bulkier items such as stone, wood, garden debris or building materials. The stable road behavior, the strong construction and the reliable brakesystem guarantee safety when driving. Thanks to the Anssems KLT hydraulic manual pump, tipping backwards is no problem. Inquire at the local Anssems dealer about the attractive KLT prices.

More loading volume

With the aluminium extension sides of 30 cm you increase the loading volume height to 60 cm. The expention sides are equipped with a tie rail for fixing a flat tarpaulin cover or loading net. The Anssems KLT is available with an internal length of 251 or 305 cm. This KLT is a perfect choice if you are looking for a single axle or tandem platform trailer that is equipped with a hydraulic tipping function.