ASX Flatbed trailers

The best of both worlds

Ramps in integrated ramp holders
180° Rotating sides
Strong chassis
Anssems ASX plateauwagenAnssems ASX tandemAnssesem ASX met huifAnssems ASX tandemAnssems ASX plateauwagenAnssems ASX met loofrekkenAnssems ASX met opzetbordenAnssems ASX met voorrek

Loading and unloading

The aluminum sides boards rotate 180° and end up under the loading floor. This prevents damage during loading and unloading with the forklift.

Anssems ASX lossen met heftruck
Anssems ASX rijplaten in cassette

Ramps in integrated ramp holders

Use the steel ramps that are stored in the integrated ramp holders under the ASX loading floor to transport a vehicle.

Loading floor

The ASX chassis is equipped with length and width beams for maximum loading floor support.

Anssems ASX laadvloer constructie
Anssems ASX dissel en neuswiel

Long drawbar

The long ASX drawbar with box profile is a plus when maneuvering. The strong automatic jockey wheel can be operated smoothly.

Secure the load

The loading floor of the Anssems ASX is equipped with 8 fixed tie eyes that you can pull out to secure the load.

Free Anssems ASX brochure

The Anssems ASX brochure provides a complete overview of all ASX models, features, accessories and technical specifications. Receive the free copy.

Flatbed trailers with ramps

The ASX is a strong tandem axle flatbed trailer with steel ramps that are stored in the integrated ramp holders under the loading floor. You can transport all kinds of vehicle and secure them with the fixed tie hooks in the plywood floor. The side panels completely fold away under the loading floor, a forklift has maximun access. The ASX is versatile and available in the weight classes 2000, 2500 and 3000 kg. View all ASX models.

Durable and strong

The hot-dip galvanized chassis with its many sleepers optimally supports the plywood loading floor. All parts, such as the lighting, jockey wheel, axles, coupling and overrun brake, meet the high Anssems standard of safety and reliability. The aluminum sides and corner posts are removable. This creates a flat loading floor for oversized cargo. Receive the free Anssems ASX brochure all with features and models.

More ASX possibilities

The ASX accessories create more possibilities such as the winch with winch holder, propstands and the mesh sides (see table), the axle shock absorbers, extension sides, LED marking lights or ladder rack. For bulk goods, use the flat cover to protect the load. Place net hooks in the correct position using the integrated binding rail. Ask your local Anssems dealer for all options.