Manuals and user-instructions

Before accessing the public roads with your trailer, we strongly advise you to first read the manual(s). Proper use and maintenance is important for your and other drivers safety.

What you need to know
Safe use


General instructions* :
Read all about safe use and important maintenance points of the Anssems trailers.
Download: Operating Instructions Anssems AG2201-EN
Download: Handleiding Anssems Algemeen AG2201-NL
Download: Anssems Manuel general AG2201-FR
Download: Bedienungsanleitung Anssems allgemein -AG2301-DE
Download: Manual Connection of the plug – NL-DE-FR-EN

Other manuals:
Get informed about safe use and maintenance of the specific part.

Download: Al-KO axles unbraked (Compact bearing)
Download: AL-KO axles unbraked (Conical roller bearing)
Download: AL-KO axles braked (Compact bearing)
Download: AL-KO axles braked (Conical roller bearing) 1636G 3062 3081
Download: AL-KO axes maintenance plan 08-2019

Download: AL-KO brake system V – square – 130 V – 150V – 200V

Download: AL-KO coupling type: PROFI AK301 / AK351
Download: AL-KO coupling type: PROFI V3000 / V3500
Download: AL-KO coupling type: AK 160 / 300
Download: AL-KO coupling type: AK 7V
Download: AL-KO coupling type: AK 161 / 270

Tyre Label 145/80 R13
Tyre Label 155/80 R13
Tyre Label 185/70 R13
Tyre Label 185/60 R12
Tyre Label 195/50 R13
Tyre Label 195/70 R14

Contact your local Anssems dealer if you have questions about the manual or proper use of the Anssems trailer.

Trailer tires maintenance

The tires are a vital part of your Anssems trailer. Read the vital tire maintenance tips here.