Anssems is a
well known
trailer brand

The Anssems-group

The Anssems group develops and produces high quality trailers under the brand names Anssems and Hulco. This family owned business has become a strong European player with production locations in the Netherlands, France and Germany. The Anssems Group owns 12 showrooms in Germany for product presentation and distribution. Check out the Hulco brand for transport solutions for professionals.

Clear goal

The Anssems group has a clear goal; produce sustainable transport solutions of high quality. The Anssems and Hulco brands are household names in the trailer market.

Anssems bakwagens met huif
Anssems fabriek DE

The Anssems trailers are produced at various European production sites. All the factories work according to the same method. The entire process of designing, producing and transport is all executed by The Anssems group.

Wide product range

The Anssems group offers a wide range of over 140 trailer solutions for light and heavy use. Whether you’r looking for a; low loader trailer, open box trailer, flatbed trailer, car/vehicle transporter, multitransporter, plant trailer, tipper, hard top cover trailer, box van trailer, welfare trailers or horse trailer. Anssems has the perfect trailer. View all trailers.