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Note: Anssems is a trailer manufacturer not a point of sale for end users. Contact your local Anssems dealer if you have a question about your Anssems trailer. Fill out your details below if there are questions after viewing this website. Only relevant questions can be answered.

The Anssems-Group

Anssems Aanhangwagens B.V.
Ericssonstraat 50
NL-5121 ML Rijen

Anssems Anhänger GmbH
Londoner Straße 15
D-48455 Bad Bentheim-Gildehaus

Anssems Remorques Sarl
Rue Pierre Brossolette
FR-58600 Garchizy

HulcoTrailers GmbH
Wiener Straße 34
D-48455 Bad Bentheim-Gildehaus

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During the summer period (until September 1), Anssems’ response may take longer than usual.