PSX Flatbed trailers

Built for professional use

Generous equipment
Strong chassis
Foldable aluminium sides
Anssems PSX 2500 plateauwagenAnssems PSX 750 plateauwagenAnssems plateauwagen PSX tandemasAnssems plateauwagen PSX tandemasAnssems plateauwagen PSX tandemasAnssems plateauwagen PSX tandemasAnssems PSX 2500 plateauwagenAnssems PSX 750 plateauwagen

Optimal floorsupport

The length and width bars in the PSX chassis ensure optimum loading floor support.

Anssems PSX neuswiel

Automatic jockey wheel

An automatic jockey wheel is attached to the PSX drawbar made of tubular profile. The automatic jockey wheel can be operated smoothly and folds in and locks when raised.

Back side panel support

The extension tubes can support the back side panel. The side is leveled with the loading floor.

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PSX brake-system

From 2000 kilograms onwards, the PSX is equipped with a premium-quality overrun brake that actively brakes all wheels. A single axle is also equipped with a premium-quality brake-system.

Loading and unloading

The aluminium side panels rotate 180° and end up below the loading floor. A forklift can reach the entire load floor. You can load or unload the PSX damage-free.

PSX plateauwagen

Fixed tie-eyes

The Anssems PSX load floor is equipped with fixed tie-eyes that you can pull out to secure the load.

Free Anssems PSX-brochure

The Anssems PSX brochure provides a complete overview of all PSX models, features, accessories and technical specifications. Receive a free copy.

PSX for intensive use

To meet all the wishes and requirements of the professional user Anssems Aanhangwagens developed the PSX flatbed trailer series with no less than 10 different models including brake-system and generous standard options. All a premium quality. The sides rotate under the loading floor so a forklift has maximum access. The long drawbar ensures good manoeuvrability. Models over 2000 kg are equipped with a tandem axle.

Robust and sustainable

The Anssems PSX trailer, with its wheels positioned under the loading floor, has a strong galvanized steel chassis. The length and width supports in this chassis ensure optimum loading floor support. Aluminium sides are equipped with a tie rail and tension lockers. The waterproof plywood loading floor, lighting, jockey wheel, axles, coupling and brake-system are all of premium-quality. The aluminium sides and cornersticks can be removed to create a floor for oversized cargo.

PSX accessories

Anssems offers a wide variaty of transport solutions. Anssems develops and produces its trailers in-house down to the smallest details. This applies also to all the PSX flatbed trailers accessories. The PSX accessories offer countless possibilities to arrange the trailer in such a way that it perfectly matches the individual wishes and needs of the user. Extension sides or mesh sides for more volume, a high cover to protect the cargo or the strong front rack to make it even easier to secure the load, propstands, ramps and axle shock absorbers. They are easy to assemble without drilling.