BSX Low loader trailers

Strong and reliable

Robust quality
Folding front headboard
Fixed railing and front ladder rack
Anssems BSX bakwagen met vlakzeil tandemAnssems BSX bakwagen geremdAnssems BSX bakwagen met huifAnssems BSX bakwagenAnssems BSX bakwagen tandemAnssems BSX bakwagenAnssems BSX bakwagen tandemAnssems BSX bakwagen met huifAnssems BSX bakwagen tandem

Stainless chassis

At the heart of the BSX trailers is an extremely strong chassis. This chassis, consisting of steel profiles, is fully galvanized. Corrosion is impossible due to this treatment and a long service life is guaranteed!

Anssems BSX chassis
Anssems BSX neerklapbaar voorbord

Loading options

The aluminium front side board of the Anssems BSX is foldable and rests on the drawbar. The possibility to handle loads even longer than the loading floor is a highly valued feature of the Anssems BSX.

Integrated tie rail

The integrated tie rail is located on both sides of de side panels of the BSX. You can place the net hooks or tie-eyes at any desired position for the flat cover sheet, high cover or straps. The load can always be secured saveley.

Anssems BSX bindrail nethaken
Anssems BSX markeringsverlichting


The BSX has reliable and clear lighting on four sides. Thanks to the front lighting, side marker lighting and tail lighting, you are always clearly visible, also during loading and unloading.

Backboard support

The Anssems BSX is standard equipped with pull-out tubes for the back panel. The back panel can be fixed at the same level as the loading floor. The tail lights are visible during loading or unloading. Long loads can also be transported.

Anssems BSX uittrekkokers

Free BSX brochure

The Anssems BSX brochure provides a complete overview of all BSX models, features, accessories and technical specifications. Receive a free copy.

Stable open box trailer

The location of the wheels is next to the BSX loading floor provides extra stability. The driving behavior is remarkable stable. Due to this wheel position, the BSX loading floor is low. The BSX serie offers braked or unbraked versions in the weight class from 750 up to 2500 kg. The 2500 kilogram models are equipped with a double axle (tandem). High quality output is guaranteed by automated production.

Very versatile

The BSX trailer is made for business and private users. The strong galvanized chassis and the aluminum side panels guarantee a long service life. The generous standard equipment of Anssems trailers ensures optimum user comfort. The BSX is standard equipped with: automatic jockey wheel, high-quality axles and wheels, long drawbar, fixed railing and ladder rack. Get your free BSX brochure copy.

Premium quality

Anssems only uses premium-quality parts that are often conceived and produced in-house. The BSX is constructed from steel, aluminium and durable waterproof plywood. The Anssems BSX chassis is robot welded from steel profiles. This chassis is fully thermally galvanized. The in- and outside of all profiles are provided with a zinc layer for maximum protection against corrosion.