Purchasing trailers for professional use

Are you planning to buy a trailer for professional use? Anssems offers a wide range of trailers of flawless quality trusted by professionals and companies every day, load after load. The Anssems low loader trailers, flatbad trailers, 3-way tipping trailers and multipurpose trailers are well-equipped, robust and low-maintenance so you can work safely and intuitively.

Low loader trailers for your business

Anssems BSX Bakwagens
The Anssems BSX low loader trailers are very strong and of high quality. Users appreciate the low floor height, the stable driving behaviour and the folding front and back panels. Also available with hight cover, flat cover and propstands.


  • For heavy duty use
  • Robust quality and versatile in use
  • Low floor height
  • Optimal floor support, non-slip plywood floor
  • Fixed steel ladder rack and railing
  • Side wall support
  • Foldable front and back panel
  • Pull-out tubes for back panel support
  • Integrated tie rail for tie hooks
  • Automatic jockey wheel
  • Long drawbar for optimal manoeuvrability
  • 7 models available
  • Gross capacity from 750 kg to 2500 kg
  • Single-axle or tandem version

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BSX low loader trailer accessories:

Flatbed trailers that can handle any job

Anssems ASX plateauwagens met rijplaten
Anssems builds robust flatbed trailers with and without integrated ramps. They stand out because of their rock-solid construction and generous standard equipment. The side boards rotate 180° and end up under the loading floor. This prevents damage during loading and unloading with the forklift. Also available with probstands, hight cover, mesh sides, extension sides, axle shock absorbers and ladder rack.

ASX and PSX USP’s:

  • For heavy duty use
  • Suitable for volume transport, construction and garden materials
  • Steel ramps in ramp holders on all ASX models
  • Maximum floor space
  • Fully foldable aluminium side boards
  • Removable boards and stanchions
  • Optimal floor support
  • Non-slip plywood floor with fixed tie hooks
  • Integrated tie rail for tie hooks
  • Automatic jockey wheel
  • Long drawbar for optimal manoeuvrability
  • 6 ASX models and 10 PSX models available
  • Gross capacity from 750 kg to 3000 kg
  • Single axle or tandem version

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ASX / PSX flatbed trailers accessories:

Heavy duty tipping trailers with a steel floor

Anssems KSX Driezijdige Kippers
The Anssems KSX is a very robust 3-way or backwards tipping trailer with a steel floor. Manual or electric tipping control, and a tilting angle of up to 49° is available. The chassis has many longitudinal beams for optimal support. The KSX is also available with a high cover, extension sides, mesh sides, ladder rack and axle shock absorbers.


  • 3-way and/or backward-tilt version
  • Steel floor with fixed tie-hooks
  • Electric pump with remote control (E models)
  • Hydraulic hand pump (H model)
  • Built-in battery with included battery charger for all E models
  • Maximum floor area
  • Fully foldable aluminium side panels
  • Removable panels and stanchions
  • Maximum floor support
  • Integrated tie rail  for tie hooks
  • Automatic jockey wheel
  • Long drawbar for optimal manoeuvrability
  • 8 models available
  • Gross capacity from 2000 kg to 3500 kg
  • Tandem version

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KSX tipping trailer accessories:

Multipurpose trailers for intensive use

Anssems MSX multitransporters
The Anssems MSX is a very strong multipurpose trailer with closed aluminium or plywood floor. Equipped with integrated steel ramps. Also available with; adjustable winch, propstands, wheelstops with tie-down options, Easyfix strap set and extension sides.

MSX and MSX-Basic USP’s:

  • For heavy duty use
  • Suitable for lawn mowers, small digging or agricultural machinery, excavators and cars.
  • Very strong  and versatile
  • High grip aluminium floor (MSX) or plywood floor (MSX-Basic)
  • Extremely stable chassis with optimum floor support
  • High grip steel ramps in ramp holders
  • Winch lock and fixed tie hooks at front
  • Marker lichts on all MSX models
  • Fixed tie hooks in corners
  • Built-in-tie-down points for wheelstop
  • Automatic jockey wheel
  • Long drawbar for optimal manoeuvrability
  • 3 models available
  • Gross capacity from 2700 kg to 3500 kg
  • Tandem version

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MSX multipurpose trailer accessories:

Car transporters with removable front and back panel

Anssems AMT autotransporter
Are you looking for a car transporter with a closed aluminium floor? Anssems offers the AMT car transporter. The fully equipped AMT is 100% wood free, has a strong aluminium floor, winch, propstands and aluminium ramps. Its low unladen trailer weight means maximum loading capacity is available.  Also suitable for garden machinery and quads.


  • Versatile car transporter
  • Low gross capacity, high load capacity
  • Low floor height
  • 100% wood-free
  • Includes adjustable winch and prop stands
  • Closed aluminium floor with high grip
  • Removable front and back panel
  • Many tie-down options
  • Built-in-tie-down points for wheelstops
  • Aluminium ramps in ramp holders
  • Position lights
  • Automatic jockey wheel
  • Long drawbar for optimum manoeuvrability
  • Choice of 6 models
  • Gross capacity from 1200 to 3000 kg
  • Single axle or tandem version

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AMT car transporter accessories:

Anssems Go-Getter, eye-catching trailers in black

Anssems Go-Getter
Are you looking for an eye-catching, high-quality trailer? Then choose an Anssems Go-Getter.

  • BSX Go-Getter low loader trailer
  • KSX Go-Getter 3-way tipping trailer
  • PSX Go-Getter flatbed trailers
  • MSX Go-Getter multipurpose trailer

Discover the many Go-Getter extras.

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Extremely strong trailers from Hulco

Hulco Carax Terrax Medax
Looking for extremely strong flatbed trailers, plant trailers or multipurpose trailers in the heavyweight class up to 3500 kg? Take a look at the extremely strong Hulco trailers. Hulco Trailers GmbH is part of the Anssems group and makes trailers for professionals with standards.

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Where to buy a trailer for professional use?

Anssems has an extensive European network of certified dealers. We can help you find a local Anssems dealer who has the Anssems trailer in stock you are looking for.

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