KSX backwards tippings trailers

Robust tippers with steel floor

Excellent floor support
Full LED lighting
Tilting function up to 49
Anssems KSX achterwaartse kipperAnssems KSX achterwaartse kipperAnssems KSX achterwaartse kipperAnssems KSX achterwaartse kipperAnssems KSX achterwaartse kipperAnssems KSX achterwaartse kipper

Best floor support

The robust steel floor support by means of box profiles makes the Anssems KSX tipper 100% wood-free.

KSX vloer
KSX LED verlichting

LED lighting

The KSX is equipped with LED lighting. Advantages LED lighting: higher light output with less energy consumption. More burning hours than traditional lighting. Bright light, so the trailer also stands out well in rain and dark weather.

Side panels

To ensure damage-free loading and unloading the KSX aluminium side panels rotate 180° and disappear under the loading floor.

Anssems KSX borden
Anssems KSX afstandsbediening

Good overview

Always a good overview using the detachable remote control, on the electric version, when depositing the load. If you choose the KSX-H, the tipping function is operated by the hydraulic hand pump from the A-frame.

Tie eyes

Use tie-down straps to securely fasten the load through the tie-down eyelets on the steel loading floor, thus preventing damage to the aluminum panels.

KSX stalen vloer met bindogen
Vaste touwhaken KSX

Long rope hooks

Below the floor are the long fixed rope hooks to secure the load.

Free KSX brochure

The Anssems KSX brochure provides an overview of all KSX features, accessories and technical data. Receive a free copy.

Premium class tippers

The Anssems KSX backwards tipping trailers with tandem axle have a three-way tilt function that can tilt up to an angle of 49 °. The KSX is built for intensive use and can handle maximum loads. The Anssems KSX chassis is robot-welded and fully galvanized to prevent corrosion. The long v-drawbar with its length of 145 cm is very stable and makes the KSX easy to maneuver. The steel loading floor is supported by many longitudinal beams for extremely good support. The KSX tippers are 100% wood free and have a very long service life.

Generous standard equipment

With a built-in powerful battery and the included battery charger the tipping function is always ready. The remote control ensures a good overview during unloading. The Anssems KSX backwards tipping trailers with double axle is equipped with a safety support under the loading floor, a warning signal during unloading, side-marker lights and integrated ramp holders. The ramps itselves and the wide selection of other accessories make this model very versatile. Ask your local Anssems dealer for all the possibilities.

Widely applicable

The Anssems KSX backwards tipping trailers are designed for multifunctional use. Equipped with a tandem axle, the KSX backwards tipping trailer is available in 2 weight classes of 2000 and 2500 kg. The KSX serie consist of 6 KSX models. In combination with the wide range of accessories, the Anssems KSX tipper (backwards and 3-way) can adapt to your individual requirements. Loading and unloading with a forklift truck is no problem. A heavy load such as sand, rubble, stone, or garden debris is a daily job for the Anssems KSX. Get a free KSX brochure for all KSX specs.