Buying extremely strong trailers for heavy duty use

Are you looking for a trailer for high-intensity use that meets the highest standards? Hulco Trailers GmbH (part of the Anssems-group) designs and builds extremely strong flatbed trailers, multipurpose trailers and plant trailers for intensive use.

High-strength flatbed trailers with spaceframe chassis

Hulco plateauwagens Medax
We exceed the demands of the professional. Medax flatbed trailers with spaceframe chassis are made for the toughest jobs. Suitable for pallet goods, volume transport and building materials.

Medax USP’s:

  • Extremely robust flatbed trailer with spaceframe chassis for heavy duty use
  • Maximum floor space
  • Fully folding aluminium panels with span lockers
  • Removable panels and stanchions
  • Optimal floor support
  • Non-slip plywood floor with fixed tie hooks
  • Pull-out tubes for back panel support
  • Integrated tie rail for tie hooks
  • Long fixed tie-hooks under the floor
  • Automatic jockey wheel
  • Long drawbar for optimal manoeuvrability
  • 24 models, internal length from 335 cm to 611 cm
  • Gross capacity from 2600 kg to 3500 kg
  • Tandem and tridem models

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Extremely strong plant trailers

The Terrax and Terrax-Basic are the best transport solutions for transporting aerial work platforms, scissor lifts, shovels and mobile excavators and have an extremely strong chassis with a steel tailegate ramp with torsion springs.

Terrax and Terrax-Basic USP’s:

  • Extremely strong plant trailer for heavy duty use
  • Wide steel tailgate ramp with high grip, torsion springs and fixed support
  • Very low floor height and small ramp angle
  • Aluminium floor with Terrax or plywood floor with Terrax-Basic
  • Fixed tie-eyes on the long side
  • Integrated side marker lights on Terrax models
  • Excavator bucket support on the A-frame with fixed 2 tie eyes on Terrax models
  • Many longitudinal beams creates extremely strong floor support
  • Automatic jockey wheel
  • Long drawbar for optimal manoeuvrability
  • 11 models available
  • Gross capacity from 1500 kg to 3500 kg
  • Single axle, tandem and tridem models

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Multipurpose trailer for large vehicles

Carax multitransporters
The Carax is an extremely strong multipurpose trailer for professionals who want to transport large SUVs, terrain 4×4 vehicles, commercial vehicles and vans. The high-grip floor aluminium floor is optimally supported and slopes at the rear.

Carax USP’s:

  • Extremely strong trailer for heavy duty use
  • 100% wood-free construction
  • Sloping aluminium floor for ideal drive-up angle
  • Steel ramps in ramp holders
  • Many tie-down options
  • Contour lighting and LED position lights
  • Built-in-tie-down points for wheelstop
  • Automatic jockey wheel
  • Long drawbar for optimum manoeuvrability
  • 6 models available
  • Gross capacity from 3000 to 3500 kg
  • Tandem or tridem version

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Anssems trailers for professional use

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