Anssems trailers with foldable jockey wheel

Ideal for car transport

Free space above A-frame
Saving valuable time
Available as an affordable accessory set
Anssems kantelbaar neuswielAnssems autotransporter AMT tandemas met neerklapbaar neuswielAnssems kantelbaar neuswiel montageset

Foldable jockey wheel

All Anssems’ trailers are standard equipped with a high quality jockey wheel. In the heavier category like the SX models (ASX, BSX, KSX, MSX, MSX-Basic, PSX) the trailers are equipped with an automatic jockey wheel. In some situations a jockey wheel can be an obstacle. A foldable jockey wheel is your solution.

Directly onto the towing vehicle without disconnecting

In some cases you want to drive a vehicle from the trailer directly onto the towing vehicle without having to disconnect the trailer. In order to achieve this the jockey wheel must be rotated by 90 degrees. The AMT 2500.407×180, AMT 2500.440×190 and AMT 3000. 507×200 are equipped with a foldable jockey wheel. All MSX multitransporters can be equipped with this option using the foldable jockey wheel mounting kit.

Advantages of a foldable jockey wheel

  • Free space above the A-frame.
  • Prevents unnecessary uncoupling of trailer.
  • Foldable jockey wheel mounting kit available
  • Original Anssems product.

Purchasing an Anssems foldable jockey wheel

Buy your Anssems car transporter with a foldable jockey wheel at your local Anssems dealer. A foldable jockey wheel mounting kit is also available as an affordable accessory.

Anssems brochures

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