Anssems trailers with mesh sides

Made for volume transport

More loading volume
Fully galvanized steel
More load protection
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Anssems mesh sides

The Anssems mesh sides are ideal for transporting large volumes of material like garden plants/trees, garden wast, firewood, small stones, machinery or trash. The mesh sides are popular with landscapers, building contractors, gardeners and in the agricultural sector. The ASX flatbed trailers with steel ramps , PSX flatbed trailers, KSX 3-way tipping trailers and AMT car transporters models can be equipped with mesh sides of 70 cm. A general purpose trailer like the GT-O low loader trailers can also be equipped with mesh sides even in combination with a tail ramp.

Two kinds of mesh sides

Anssems offers two kinds of mesh sides who are both robot welded and fully galvanised.
For the GT low loader trailers and AMT car transporters there are ‘fixed’ mesh sides.
The mesh sides for the KSX tippers and SX flatbed trailers have a tilting function. This makes these mesh sides easy to remove.

An Anssems mesh sides set (an original Anssems product) includes all mounting materials.

Advantages of Anssems mesh sides

  • 70 cm high side elevation.
  • Extra loading volume.
  • Load protection.
  • Easy to remove.
  • Also available with tilting function.
  • Can be covered with a loading net.
  • Robot welded and full galvanised.
  • Including fastening materials.

Buy Anssems mesh sides

An Anssems dealer can help you with the purchase of an appropriate mesh sides set and install it professionally. An Anssems mesh sides set includes all mounting materials.

Anssems brochures

Anssems brochures also show an overview of all features, specifications and accessories. Here you can also read which mesh sides sets are available. Receive the free brochures.