GT-O Low loader trailers

Multi-purpose trailer for private and business use

Light and strong
Wide choice of accessories
Selection of 15 models
Anssems GT-O tandem geremdAnssems GT-O enkelas ongeremdAnssems GT-O enkelas ongeremd met huifAnssems GT-O enkelas ongeremd met loofrekkenAnssems GT-O enkelas met vlakzijlAnssems GT-O enkelas geremd met loofrekken en oprijklepAnssems GT-O tandemas geremd met huifAnssems GT-O tandem met loofrekken

Strong chassis

An extremely strong but light construction. The drawbar tubes extend to the rear of the trailer which ensure optimum floor support.

Anssems GT chassis
Anssems GT-O achterklep

Back side board

The aluminium back side board is fully foldable, which simplifies loading and unloading.

Loading floor

Premium quality, one piece, plywood loading floor is equipped with an anti-slip profile.

Anssems GT-O laadvloer
Anssems GT-O bindhaken

Tie rail

The loading net is mounted in no time by the integrated tie rail. Place the tie hooks at the desired position.


Visible in traffic due to the clear lighting on the front and rear.

Anssems GT-O contourverlichting

Free GT-O brochure

The Anssems GT-O / GT-R brochure provides a complete overview of all GT-O and GT-R models, features, accessories and technical specifications. Receive a free copy.

Very versatile open box trailer

The Anssems GT-O low loader trailer is a maintenance-friendly open box trailer with high load capacity thanks to its light and strong construction. The GT accessories can transform this trailer to meet all your wishes. More transport options arise immediately with an aerodynamic high cover. Use the aluminium extension side panels to create more cargo protection. Garden waste or firewood transport? Steel mesh sides enable extra volume transport. You can even equip the Anssems GT with a tailgate ramp or universal ramps. You can safely walk onto the box triler with your wheelbarrow or hand truck.

No less than 15 GT-O models

The sleek designed Anssems GT line consists of 15 different models (!) The length of the loading floor vary from 151 up to 301 cm. The maintenance-friendly GT-O is available with single axle or tandem outfit and the single axle starts from a total weight of 500 kg. Models over 750 kg are equipped with a brake system. All GT low loader trailers are equipped with a strong jockey wheel. The lighting, jockey wheel, axles, coupling and brake system are of premium-quality.

Popular GT-O

The Anssems GT-O low loader trailer is the best choice if you are looking for a strong but light trailer for private use with 1 or 2 axles. The GT-O is not only a favorite with private individuals, but also professional users (companies and self-employed) appreciate the high quality and the attractive price level of the GT-O box trailers. Contact your local Anssems dealer for possibilities of these trailers or request the free GT-O / GT-R low loader trailer brochure.