Buying enclosed trailers with hinged lid

Do you intend to buy a good quality enclosed trailer with a hard top cover? Anssems has a wide range of aluminium low loader trailers with a lockable hard top cover and tailgate ramp or back panel. The ideal trailers for all your luggage, tools and volume goods.

Aluminium leisure trailers with hinged lid

Anssems GT-VT1 Bagagewagens
The Anssems GT-HT and GT-VT1 hard top cover trailers are durable low loader trailers with an aluminium construction and hard top cover. The lockable loading space is easily accessible. A safe trailer for hobby, work or vacation. Suitable for bicycle and luggage carrier. Also available with propstands.

GT-HT/VT1 hard top cover trailer USP’s:

  • For leisure, sports and work
  • Robust low loader trailer with aluminium superstructure and lid
  • Low floor height
  • Aluminium lid with gasspring, drawstring, lock and tie rail
  • Fold-down and removable back panel with lock
  • Plywood floor with anti-slip
  • Fixed tie eyes
  • Integrated tie rail inside and outside for tie hooks/eyes
  • Plastic mudguards
  • Continuous drawbar legs
  • Standard equipped with jockey wheel
  • 11 models available
  • Gross capacity from 500 kg to 1200 kg
  • Single-axle version

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GT hard top cover trailer accessories:

Enclosed trailers with strong aluminium tailgate ramp and hinged lid

Anssems GT-VT3 Gesloten wagens
The Anssems GT-VT box van trailers are ideal for volume transport and have an internal height of 118 cm up to 188 cm. The wide (removable) aluminium tailgate ramp and hard cover lid makes the trailer easily accessible.

GT-VT box van trailer USP’s:

  • For general use, work or leisure
  • Strong low loader trailer with aluminium superstructure
  • Low loading floor height
  • Lockable aluminium hard cover lid with gasspring, drawstring, integrated tie-railing
  • Lockable full-width (removable) aluminium tailgate ramp with pull bar
  • Equipped with propstands
  • Plywood floor with anti-slip
  • Fixed tie eyes on the outside
  • Front handles for maneuvering
  • Equipped with strong jockey wheel
  • Integrated tie rail on the inside for tie eyes
  • Continuous drawbar legs
  • 6 models available
  • Gross capacity from 750 kg to 2500 kg
  • Single axle and tandem version

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GT box van trailer accessories:

Trailers with high cover

Create your own enclosed trailer with accessories. Many Anssems trailers (such as; low loader trailers, flatbed trailers and tipping trailers) can be equipped with a high cover. An Anssems high cover consists of a steel frame and aluminum slats, durable tarpaulin plus a matching tie hook set and elastic cords.

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Where can I buy an enclosed trailer?

Anssems has an extensive European network of certified dealers. We can help you find a local Anssems dealer who has the Anssems trailer in stock you are looking for.

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