GT-VT1 Hard top cover trailers

The ideal travelling companion

Extra cargo space
Long service life
Anssems bagagewagen GT-VT1Anssems bagagewagen GT-VT1Anssems bagagewagen GT-VT1Anssems bagagewagen GT-VT1

Tie Rail

In the integrated tie rail of the cargo hold you can place tie eyes at any desired position and secure the load properly.

Anssems bindogen in bindrail
Anssems GT chassis

Strong Construction

The drawbar legs of the GT Hard top cover trailer extend to the rear of the trailer. This ensures optimum floor support.


The hard top cover trailer can be securely locked with two locks on the lid.

Anssems GT-HT GT-VT1 slot
Anssems GT-HT GT-VT1 deksel

Hard top lid

The hardtop lid opens forward and is easy to operate thanks to the gas springs.


The Anssems GT-VT1 hard top cover trailers with a width of 101 cm have a straight tube drawbar. The models with a width of 126 cm. are equipped with a V-drawbar from U-profile.

Anssems GT-HT GT-VT1 dissels

Free GT-VT1 brochure

The Anssems GT-VT1 brochure provides a complete overview of all GT-HT and GT-VT1 models, features, accessories and technical specifications. Get a free copy.

Easily accessible cargo space

The easily accessible cargo space of the Anssems GT-VT1 has a height of 83 cm and. The lid opens easily thanks to the gas springs support. The backsides can also be opened. The loading floor is made of durable waterproof plywood and equipped with an anti-slip profile. You can securely close the trailer by means of the locks.

Widely usable trailer

The GT-VT1 hard top cover trailer is popular with both private and business users. This trailer is made for work, hobby and holiday. Use the hard top cover trailer to take your camping gear or to transport items for your work. An Anssems enclosed cargo box trailer is maintenance-friendly and is the number 1 in its category. Inquire about the attractive prices at your local Anssems dealer or receive a free brochure.

Good investment

The GT hard top cover trailers are made of steel, aluminium and durable plywood. The sleek aluminium finish makes the Anssems GT Hard top cover trailers easy to maintain. Anssems only uses premium-quality materials and parts. This way you will certainly enjoy your Anssems hard top cover trailer for years.