GT-VT3 Box van trailers

The best solution for safe volume transport

Maintenance friendly
Full wide tail-door ramp
Cargo space height 153 cm


The GT-VT box van trailer with hard top cover is equipped with clear lights at the front and rear.

Anssems GT-VT verlichting
Anssems GT-VT3 laadklep

Tail-door ramp

The strong aluminum tail-door ramp is easy to (dis)assemble. Forklifts can loading or unloading the GT-VT3.


All GT-VT box van trailers are equipped with propstands to provide stability when loading and unloading.

Anssems GT-VT2 steunpoten
Anssems GT-VT3 deksel

Accessible cargo hold

A gas spring supports the hard top cover for easy operation. Walk-in is possible. Close the top by using the red cord.

Free GT-VT3 brochure

The Anssems brochure provides an overview of all GT-VT2, GT-VT3 and GT-VT4 features, accessories and technical data per model. Receive a free copy.

Fuel saving design

Transport high vollume at low fuel costs. The Anssems GT-VT is known for its maximum cargo hold and low air resistance. Due to its low own weight, maximum load capacity remains. The cargo lengt of the Anssems GT-VT3 tandem runs up to 301 cm. Ask your local Anssems dealer for options and attractive prices. Get a free GT-VT brochure.

Loading / unloading

All Anssems GT-VT3 models are equipped with steel propstands for comfortable loading or unloading. You can walk to the front of the cargo hold when the tail-door ramp and hard cover are opened. The strong aluminium tail-door ramp expands across the full width of the trailer. So no edges. Moreover, this tail-door ramp is removable. It is possible to load with a forklift. In the cargo hold you find the integrated tie rails at different heights. You simply position the tie eyes at any desired location so that you can securely secure your load.

Safe transport

Anssems trailers developed the GT-VT3 box van trailer series with brake system for users who want to transport high volume safely, The GT-VT3 has a sleek appearance made of aluminium and steel. The lighting, jockey wheel, hand brake, axles, coupling and brakes are of premium-quality. The Anssems GT-VT is extremely suitable for placing a company logo or advertisement. Ideal for companies and self-employed but also for music band or your hobby.