Anssems flat cover trailers

Covers your load safely

Load protection
High-quality PVC tarpaulin
Easy mounting
Anssems BSX bakwagen met vlakzeil tandemAnssems KLT 1as met opzetborden en vlakzeilAnssems KSX kipper voorrek vlakzeilAnssems bakwagen GT-O met vlakzeilAnssems PSX plateauwagen met voorrek en vlakzeilAnssems KSX kipper met opzetborden (70 cm) en vlakzeil

Protect your transport with a flat cover

The legislator obliges you to secure the load of an open trailer and to cover divisible load. To cover divisible load such as wood, building waste and sand you have two options;  1. a loading net or 2. flat cover. The flat cover will also protect against sun, wind and rain. The smaller the divisible load (sand, for example) the more often you opt for a flat cover. A flat cover also protects your trailer even while it is being stored. An original Anssems flat cover is of high quality, water and weather resistant and it includes tie hooks and elastic cord. The flat cover is also available for trailers with a ladder rack.

Anssems flat cover benefits

  • Durable weather-resistant PVC tarpaulin in the colour anthracite.
  • High resistance to chemicals and greases.
  • Eyelets treated against rust.
  • Reinforced edge and corners.
  • Protects the trailer in storage.
  • Easy to open and close.
  • Also for trailers with a ladder rack.
  • Including tie hooks set and elastic cord.

Buy a matching Anssems flat cover

Buy a matching Anssems flat cover a your local Anssems dealer. An original Anssems flat cover is easy to mount and all the materials needed for mounting are included (tie eyes set and elastic cord). An Anssems dealer can assist you in finding the matching flat cover for your trailer. For an extra charge you can order an Anssems flat cover in your own RAL colour.

Anssems brochures

Anssems brochures also give an overview of all features, specifications and accessories. Here you see read which flat covers are available. Receive the free brochures.