AMT-ECO Car transporters

For the price-concious car transporter

Including aluminium loading ramps
Efficient load capacity
Low open loading floor
Anssems autotransporter AMT-ECO enkelasAnssems autotransporter AMT-ECO tandemasAnssems AMT-ECO autotransporterAnssems AMT-ECO autotransporter

Open aluminium floor

The AMT-ECO is constructed with an open floor for weight reduction. This aluminium floor has an anti-slip profile.

Anssems AMT-ECO rijbanen
AMT-ECO dissel

Long drawbar

The long V-drawbar makes the AMT-ECO highly manoeuvrable.


The steel AMT-ECO mudguards have extra reinforcement.

Anssems AMT-ECO stalen spatschermen
Anssems AMT-ECO steunpoten


The Anssems AMT-ECO models are standard equipped with propstands that can be expanded in one pull and turn.

Loading ramps

The AMT-ECO aluminium ramps are stored under the floor in the integrated ramp holders.

AMT-ECO oprijplaten in cassette

Free AMT-ECO brochure

The Anssems AMT-ECO brochure provides a complete overview of all AMT-ECO and AMT models, features, accessories and technical specifications. Receive a free copy.

Attractive price

The Anssems AMT-ECO car transporters, ideal for transporting cars, oldtimers, ATV/quads or garden machines, are attractively priced and therefore interesting for hobby, holidays and work. Receive a free AMT-ECO brochure copy.

Ideal car transporter

The Anssems AMT-ECO car transporter is available as a single axle or tandem axle version. The Anssems AMT-ECO has a stable and safe driving behavior thanks to the braking system and the wheel positioning next to the loading floor, even under maximum load. The AMT is available in three weight classes from 1350 up to 2000 kg and has a loading floor length of 3.40 and 4 m. Using the (optional) Easyfix lashing straps in combination with a wheel stop, your vehicle is quickly secured to the AMT-ECO.

Anssems quality

The robotized production at the Anssems factory guarantees a consistently high quality output. Anssems only uses premium-quality materials and parts. The AMT-ECO car transporter is an optimal trailer for vehicle transport and has a low weight and therefore a high load capacity. Check with the Anssems dealer.