The tires of your trailer

Tires are a vital part of a trailer and must be in a good condition. A poor tire condition can be caused by road-holding, driving behavior and aging. Therefore, frequently check the tires and the tire pressure of your Anssems trailer. Certainly if the trailer is not used for a while.

Tire pressure check

The tire pressure can only be checked accurately if the tire is cold (approx. 18 degrees). Do not check the tires after a (long) ride. The correct tire pressure depends on the type of tire and can be found on the tire.


Tire replacement

All tires dry- and wear out. Dehydration causes cracks on the sides of the tire. The tread depth is insufficient by wear. Wear and tear is not evenly distributed. The tire profile depth of the main grooves must be at least 1.6 mm over the entire circumference and 4 mm for winter tires.

What occurs when driving with wrong tire pressure?

Tire pressure that is too high or too low results in poor road contact and the trailer does not respond sufficiently to the towing vehicle.

Tire pressure too low:

If the tire pressure is too low, your road contact is insufficient, the result is less grip and an increasing chance on puncture. In a bend your trailer prefers a straight line. Tires wear more on the outside of the tread.

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Tire pressure too high:

The trailer will bounce if the tire pressure is too high. The tires cannot spring sufficiently. The tires heat up as a result of driving, which increases the pressure even more. The center of the tire tread now wears out more.

Correct tire pressure:

Only with correct tire pressure road contact will be optimal. The entire tread of the tire is in contact with the road surface. Now a (well-loaded) trailer will behave safely according to its design!

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User Manual

In the ‘Anssems User Manual’ you will find crucial information about the tire pressure of your tire type under section 4: “Wheel and tire” of User Manual Anssems General AG1901-NL. Get user manual.