MSX Go-Getter

Multitransporter for intensive use

Black aluminium rims
Sideskirts and LED lighting
Aluminium floor
Anssems MSX Go-Getter multitransporterAnssems MSX Go-Getter multitransporterAnssems MSX Go-Getter multitransporter

MSX Go-Getter extras

  • Black sideskirts with integrated markerlights and position lights
  • Black alloy wheels
  • Fully equipped with LED lighting
  • Toolbox black (capacity 45L)
MSX Go-Getter
Anssems MSX chassis


  • High grip aluminium floor
  • Extremely stable chassis with optimum floor support
  • High grip steel ramps in ramp holders
  • Winch lock and fixed tie hooks at front
  • Fixed tie hooks in corners
  • Built-in-tie-down points for wheelstop
  • Automatic jockey wheel

A true professional

Are you a Go-Getter, a true professional who is driven towards his goal? If nothing stops you and you always deliver high-quality work, you must be able to rely on your equipment. With the Anssems MSX Go-Getter you work safe and efficiently, and you stand out more to your customers.

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