MSX Multipurpose trailers

The best vehicle transporter

For intensive use
Closed floor
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Strong chassis

The extremely stable MSX chassis provides maximum floor support for the loading floor. The MSX is equipped with an aluminium loading floor. The MSX-Basic is equipped with a plywood floor.

Anssems MSX chassis
Anssems MSX rijplaathouders

Ramps and integrated ramp holders

The Anssems MSX is equipped with steel ramps (250 cm) stored in the integrated ramp holders under the loading floor.

Smart MSX winch

The MSX winch is adjustable in length and can be tilted if it is not allowed to rise above the loading floor. The MSX winch is available as an accessory.

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Anssems MSX bindgaten

Plenty fixing options

The MSX has many cut-outs for securing a vehicle or car.

Free MSX Brochure

The Anssems MSX brochure provides a complete overview of all MSX and MSX-Basic models, features, accessories and technical specifications. Receive a free copy.

Versatile vehicle transporter

The Anssems MSX multitransporter with tandem axle transports lawn mowers, small excavators, mini shovels and cars up to a weight of 2880 kg. The MSX is equipped with a 405×200 cm aluminium floor, steel ramps stored in holders and numerous fixation options. The MSX 3000 and MSX 3500 models are equipped with a winch which can be used in a left and right position. This winch can be tilted if it is not allowed to rise above the loading floor. The Anssems MSX offers everything you expect from a professional multitransporter.

Anssems Quality

The MSX multitransporters are equipped with a robust, steel (robot-welded) chassis which is fully thermally galvanized. This chassis offers optimum floor support for the aluminium floor. All types of vehicles can be transported due to its low loading floor and small ramp angle. The supplied ramps are stored in the ramp holders under the loading floor so they are immediately available when needed. The MSX is 100% wood free, equipped with clear all-round lighting, a brake-system and an automatic jockey wheel.

MSX accessories

The wide selection MSX multitransporter accessories offers many options such as; wheel stops in combination with (Easyfix) strap set. Secure a vehicle safely and quickly. Even more transport options are created with the 36 cm extension sides. The propstands ensure stability during entry and exit and can be operated with one hand. Mounting the propstand can be done without drilling because Anssems has an eye for details. Receive a free MSX brochure.