Terrax-Basic - plant trailers

Terrax-Basic Plant trailers

Professional transporters for medium heavy use

Strong chassis
Robust tailgate ramp
Low loading floor
Terrax Basic tandem machinetransporterTerrax Basic enkelas machinetransporter

Agile Terrax-Basic

The Terrax-Basic has a long free drawbar length and is very agile.

Terrax-Basic lange dissel
Terrax koppelingverhoger

Lots of accessories

The Terrax-basic can be widely used as a machine transporter. The Terrax-Basic meets your requirements even more by mounting Terrax accessories. Popular accessories are; mesh sides, steel ladder rack, the coupling adjuster and spare wheel.

More about Terrax-Basic

The Terrax-Basic is a machine transporter made by Hulco Trailers. Hulco is part of the Anssems group. More information about Hulco and the Terrax-Basic plant trailers at www.Hulco.eu

Hulco is onderdeel van de Anssems-Groep

Free Terrax-Basic brochure

The Hulco Terrax brochure provides an overview of all Terrax-Basic and Terrax features, accessories and technical specs. Receive the free copy at Hulco.