PTH Ganador Hores trailers

Comfortable and safe horse transport

100% wood free
Various colours
Very low entrance
Anssems PTH Ganador BlackAnssems PTH Ganador Black

Stress-free walk in

The large PTH tail-door ramp with anti-slip and the low floor ensure stress-free entry of the horse.

Anssems PHT inloopklep
Anssems PHT zadelkamer

Tack room

The Ganador tack room with halter holders and saddle holders is easily accessible.

Tail lights

The robust and safe PTH lighting is beautifully integrated into the horse trailer.

Anssems PHT verlichting
Anssems PHT borststangen bilstangen

Chest- and butt rod

The PTH horse trailer has height-adjustable chest and butt rod.

Back tarpaulin

The PTH back tarpaulin with automatic retractor also minimizes driving noise.

Anssems PHT achterdoek

Free PTH Ganador brochure

The Anssems PTH brochure offers an overview of all the characteristics, specifications and accessories of the PTH horse trailers. Get a free copy.

Horse safety first

The Anssems tandem axle horse trailers are strong, durable and 100% wood free. The low access via the large tail door ramp, the horse-friendly interior lighting and the anti-slip floor ensure a stress-free transport of the horses. Your horse transportation will be comfortable and safe. The PTH trailer for horses is built with the latest polymer technology on a strong galvanized steel chassis. The unique Anssems design ensures good aerodynamics and low fuel consumption. The PTH is a favorite with horses and riders.

Complete equip horse trailer

The Anssems PTH horse trailers are available in the colours white and black-metallic. The tandem axle wheel position next to the cargo hold ensures comfortable and stable driving. The Anssems PTH is fully equipped with: swiveling and height-adjustable chest and butt rods, rotating partition, panic lock, non-blinding interior lighting, two-sided skylights, back tarpaulin with automatic retractor, outside railing for horses, tail-door ramp with rubber floor and climbing bars, optimum lighting , manoeuvring handles and automatic jockey wheel. Weight class: 2000 to 2300 kg.

Sustainable horse trailer

Anssems uses premium-quality materials and parts that have been developed in-house. The 100% wood free PTH horse trailer is made of steel and full polyester. The robot-welded PTH chassis created of tubular steel profiles is hot-dip galvanized. The out- and inside of the profiles are provided with a zinc layer, which prevents corrosion. Water has no effect on the sides and the polyester floor with anti-slip. They are easy to clean and maintain. An Anssems PTH horse trailer is attractively priced, ask your local Anssems dealer for all options.