Anssems trailers with axle shock absorbers

More driving and braking stability

Prevents vibration
Improved road contact
Anssems as-schokbreker set

Anssems axle shock absorbers

Anssems mounts A-quality rubber suspended torsion axles under all her trailers. Sometimes there is a need for more comfort and axle shock absorbers are mounted. Please note: this does not increase the loading capacity!

We recommend axle shock absorbers when you use the trailer daily with a maximum load. Or if you often drive on unpaved roads. After mounting an Anssems axle shock absorber set the trailer will react even better and feel more stable. All our axle shock absorbers meet high standards.

Axle shock absorbers benefits

  • More driving and braking stability.
  • Even better ground contact.
  • Prevents vibration on uneven road surface.
  • Installation without drilling.
  • Meets German Tempo 100 requirements.
  • Including all fixing material.

Buy Anssems axle shock absorbers

You can buy the axle shock absorbers at an Anssems dealer. Important: for safety and warranty reasons we strongly insist to have the axle shock absorbers mounted and checked by your Anssems dealer. (1 set of axle shock absorbers is for 1 axle) The Anssems axle shock absorber set is including mounting material and can be mounted without drilling.

Anssems brochures

Anssems brochures show an overview of all features, specifications and accessories. Here you see which axle shock absorber sets are available. Receive the free brochures.