Anssems has tech-DNA

By implementing modern techniques and craftsmanship the Anssems trailers are manufactured with extreme precision. All the possibilities of the modern machinery are already taken into account in the design phase.


Laser cutting machines and welding robots are used during the production of the Anssems trailers. This ensures that all parts have exactly the right size and meet the high standard.

Anssems lasbobot chassis
Anssems assamblagelijn


Finished trailerparts come together on modern assembly lines. The trailers are all assembled and tested according to a high quality step-by-step plan.

Premium quality parts

Almost all parts are designed and produced by Anssems. Parts such as coupling, braking system, axles and wheels are purchased from specialists who deliver premium-quality.


Technology jobs

Are you specialized in technology and looking for a challenging job at a large company such as Anssems? A job that offers grow pesective and collaboration with professional colleagues. View the open Anssems vacancies.