Terrax Plant trailers

Built for extreme intensive use

Extreme strong chassis
Robust tailgate ramp
Low steel loading floor
Terrax tridemTerrax tridem machinetransporterTerrax tandem machinetransporter met loofrekkenTerrax tandem machinetransporterTerrax tridem machinetransporter

Terrax accessories

The Terrax is a versatile plant trailer. The Terrax can be customised by mounting the accessories. Popular Terrax accessories are; winch, mesh sides, steel ladder rack, axle shock absorbers and coupling adjusters (5 or 10 cm).

Hulco Terrax lier
Terrax lage oprijhoek

Low ramp angle

All machines can access the Terrax and encounter no problem. The ramp angle is extreme low and the steel tailgate ramp has sufficient grip.

More about Terrax

The Terrax is a Hulco plant trailer. Hulco Trailers GmbH is part of the Anssems Group. More Hulco and Terrax plant trailers information on www.Hulco.eu

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Free Terrax brochure

The Terrax brochure from Hulco provides an overview of all features, accessories and technical data per model. Receive the free copy at Hulco.