Anssems trailers with prob stands

Often used in combination with ramps

Easy to operate
Prevents trailer tilting
Anssems autotransporter AMT tandemas met neerklapbaar neuswielAnssems autotransporter AMT-ECO enkelasAnnsems gesloten wagen GTB-VT2 1asAnssems GT-O 1as met loofrekken en oprijklepAnssems gesloten wagen GTB-VT2 1as

More stability with prob stands

Anssems prob stands increase the stability when loading and unloading using a ramp or tail ramp and it prevents trailer tilting. Anssems offers three kinds of prob stands; for low loader trailers (BSX, GT-O, GT-R, GT-HT, GT-VT1), car transporters (AMT, AMT-ECO), multipurpose trailer, tippers and flatbed trailers (ASX, KSX, MSX, MSX-Basic, PSX). The AMT-ECO and AMT car transporters are standard equipped with support legs, as well as the box van trailers GT-VT2, GT-VT3 and GT-VT4.

We recommend the installation of prob stands when you frequently use your low loader trailer, hard top cover trailer, tipper or flatbed trailer in combination with ramps.

Prob stand benefits

  • Safe and easy to operate.
  • Prevents trailer tilting.
  • Simple assembly.
  • Greater stability during loading and unloading.
  • More comfort in combination with ramps.
  • Maintenance friendly.

Buy Anssems prob stands

The Anssems prob stands are easy to mount. All necessary mounting materials are included. You can buy prob stands at your local Anssems dealer.

Anssems brochures

The Anssems brochures offer an overview of all features, specifications and accessories. Here you can also see which prob stands are available. Get the free brochures.