Welcome to the Internet site of Anssems Trailers B.V.

Anssems Trailers B.V. produces trailers since 1977. Mr. J.J.M. Anssems in the small village of Hulten in Brabant, The Netherlands, founded the company. Here all sorts of very solid, quality trailers are produced. This is also the reason that Anssems has the reputation of being the producer of "the unbreakable trailer". Initially the trailers were only sold in The Netherlands, but soon requests started pouring in from abroad. In 1992, due to its steady growth, the company moved to a spacious and modern factory in Rijen, where Anssems Trailers B.V. is still located.

The product
Up until the year 2000 all sorts of trailers were manufactured, including those made according to client specifications. Then the decision was made to turn over a new leaf; a new product line was designed and a new way of producing. This new product line completely lives up to today's demands; a light but very strong frame finished with solid axles, lighting and all kinds of handy specifications. If you would like to know more about these trailers, please have a look at trailer for general use or platform trailer, multipurpose trailer or tipping trailer. The trailers have very appealing prices, which the new way of producing made possible.

A new market
With the introduction of the GT-range in 2003 Anssems tapped a new market, the consumer market. Through many years' experience with professional trailers, Anssems was able to develop a very stable trailer again. This trailer meets specifically the different wishes of the consumers and, it has furthermore a very competitive price! For the production a new establishment was opened in Bad Bentheim (Germany). If you like to know more about these products, please take a look at GT, bagagere.

The quality
Anssems has always had the reputation of building 'the unbreakable trailer' and again this has been the starting point of the new line of products. By working in a very precise manner and also being equipped with the most modern technologies, all trailers are guaranteed to live up to high quality standards. Not only the production process is inspected carefully, but each trailer is also subjected to a thorough final inspection. This alone shows that Anssems and quality go hand in hand.

Anssems' trailers can only be acquired through our dealers. However, Anssems is supported by a vast network of dealers in many European countries. If you are looking for a dealer, please fill in the form at more information and we will send you the address of the dealer nearest you.